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Unit Trust Evaluate Monitoring System



Vestwa's PINTU system is a simple, intuitive funds monitoring system designed to help unit trust agents & investors enhance rate of return.


PINTU is a personal unit trust investment summary and report system


PINTU system aggregates and reports your investment data across all of your unit trust companies. It helps you make sense of your whole wealth and aids you to manage your investment better.


Available Anywhere, Anytime

Pintu is online, you can simply login from wherever you are, You access your data from the cloud which means that your data is available online, anywhere, anytime and from any divides. All you need is internet connection


All you have to do is email your investment account statements in PDF, CSV or any other electronic format. Leave the rest to PINTU

Easy User Interface

Drill-downs features to any transaction that you can access, with no investment jargon and an intuitive interface that will calculate your clients' portfolio. You can easily manage yours client investment strategy and always know how theirs investment portfolio is performing.


PINTU saves you time. No more wasting your time doing excel manual entries. No more inaccurate investment decision making from lack of reliable portfolio data.

Reports Features

Strategic Allocation Portfolio Planning

  • Risk Category

  • Local 

  • Global

Profit & Loss

  • Profit & Loss Statement From "1st Investment" to "Latest"

  • Chart with 15 Years Cummulative Total Profit & Loss with Category

  • Chart with 15 Years Cummulative Total Profit & Loss

Investment Performance Report

  • Asset Class & Volatility Portfolio

  • Investment Portfolio by Category

  • Summary of Investment & Market Value by Account & Fund

  • Rates of Return by Itemized Investments with Total Return %, Average %, Compound Annualize Growth %

  • Income Distribution Listing

  • Switching Transaction Listing

Investment History

  • By Fund and Account

Standard Deviation

  • Normal Distribution 

Ledger of Account

  • Listing of all transactions of Fund for client

  • Average price per unit

Summary of  Redemption

  • Duration

  • Total Rate of Return

  • Compound Annual Growth Rate

Fund Prices & Performance Comparison

  • Compare Funds performance within specific date range

  • Distribution Date 

  • Gross Distribtuion /Unit

How it works?

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  • Choice your plan for continue using

View &


  • Rate of Return

  • Transaction History

  • Planning Asset Allocation


to Client

  • Inform Clientele on Performance

  • Rebalancing Portfolio regularly

Simple pricing. Advanced Reports features.

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