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Save & Invest

a great way to accumulate WEALTH

early planning <> regular investments <> proven strategies

Take the road to greater financial security and opportunity. With careful planning and a fair amount of discipline, you can actuary make a mountain out f a molehill.


Save & Invest shows you easy and affordable ways to invest via our group of members with their management company

Under the regular saving plan, you online register via FPX for a minimum amount of RM100

You also can, in a less structured way, invest in lump sums of cash at anytime, every now and again. The cash plan start at a minimum of RM100. Additional investment can be as low as RM100.



What are you investing for? This is important to know as it will help you set realistic goals within reasonable time frame. There are three common goals



This could mean anything from a down payment for a new home to your wedding, or that sports car which has been racing in your head for as long as you could remember.
We suggest, above all else, building a reserve so that you would have more choices in life; in other words, greater financial freedom.

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Besides tender loving care, a sound education is the best gift you could give your child. lt opens for him or for her the door of opportunity. lt is something your child keeps for life. Unfortunately, the greatest gift is also the greatest financial burden. Today, only 3% of Malaysian secondary school graduates have the opportunity to pursue tertiary education in local universities*. do start early, even at conception.

* source: education guide malaysia, fourth edition



Beat inflation and better your retirement lifestyle. Start early putting aside a small amount and let the magic of compounded returns give you the freedom to do all those things you have always wanted to do.

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