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“People who succeed in the stock market also accept periodic losses, setbacks, and unexpected occurrences. Calamitous drops do not scare them out of the game.”
― Peter Lynch

Atien Nadot

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019-814 5059


The Way Forward: 
Fund that create new market & value.

Introducing - 

Single license Phillip

One-Stop Platform
Over 500 different global or local Malaysia unit trust funds available for purchasing online
Real-Time Unit Trust Fund Information
Comprehensive information on daily prices, fund performances, with tables and chart to assist investors in making better investments

Diversified Investment Portfolio
Build and manage a comprehensive and diversified investment portfolio in one single platform without the hassle of going to different fund house

Secured Online Transactions
FPX (Financial Process Exchange) gateway enables secured online payment from participating major Malaysian internet banking account

Easy Access & Free Account Opening
Easy, simple and user-friendly platform. Opening an account is FREE

5 simple steps open account and invest 
Phillip Mutual's eUnittrust platform


Open account by provide basic information



Verify your identity via your handphone number



Update employment, FATCA (1), CRS (2) forms

[Fill digital form]

1. Fareign Account Tax Compliance Act, 

2. Common Reporting Standard


Scan & upload NRIC/Passport

[Pending approval]


Investor start to invest minimum RM1 in Phillip Money Market Fund


P/S: Take advantage of round up benefit on Phillip Money Market fund monthly declare income distribution, please invest RM10!

General Insurance
Fire Insurance
Marine Insurance
Motor Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance
Liability Insurance
Crop & Poultry Insurance
Engineering Insurance

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